About Me

Hi friends, I am excited to have you here!

My name is Nisha, I was born and raised in Jaipur India, living in Singapore now. Here on my blog, I am going to share my kitchen adventures with you. 

I am a Happy soul, you will always find my food reflecting that. I love making my food colorful and healthy (using natural ingredients only).

I am a organic food lover and main reason behind that D (My husband Deepak, I call him “D”). He says invest in your food today for your health, instead of investing your money in future for healthcare. I know we can never predict our health but atleast we can eat good/healthy no?? Because what we eat is totally related with how we think, look & feel.



I am a software engineer by profession and a “recipe curator”. This blog is solely developed by me so, if next time you need a website/blog you know where to contact.

Why blog?

I am penning my whole experience which I’ve earned over the years that helped me to be better in cooking. I always measure my food quantities by my eyes, fingers, palm like my mother and grandmother do.. they never used anything for measurements, because ofcourse you can’t go everywhere with those measurements but your experience will remain with you always.

And yes I can tell just by smelling if any receipe has salt in perfect quantity or not, probably that’s the experience no??.
This blog will help me to be better with my Recipes which I create because then people can follow the ratio/proportion of ingredients like I do.
Also this blog will help me to have collection of my all recipes in one place and I can connect with the audience in a better way.

My culinary journey

My cooking journey started since I was so young around 8 years. When I used to go to my grandmother’s home in summer vacations and request her to let me cook. She always allowed me to cook last roti (indian flat bread), uhhh yes last one so, that I can take my time and she can finish other tasks without affecting the schedule.

It’s right there I started making round rotis in early age and never struggled with the shape.

I got the sense of responsibility, cooking love from my mother. My mother was working (now she is retired, she served 27 years full time job) and she always amazed me how she managed full time job, 4 kids (their education, upbringing) without any helper.

I used to tease her when she used to come home from work that “Mumma I am hungry plz cook fast”, without even showing tiredness she used to go in kitchen to cook.. and I always wait to see her smile when she could see that I already prepared the food. I always found happiness & satisfaction after seeing her smiling face!

D  is strength to me I tease him by saying that he is “Vitamin D” for me, how calm he remains always even if I take hours in kitchen experimenting with my recipe, he never complaints. Like my father he always pushes me to do something which makes me feel Happy. Also he has all answers to my questions(my personal Google)

My objective with recipe curation

I love to create new recipes and also recreate authentic recipes with new flavours..My objective is to discover the food, increase the health benefits and make guilt portion less… I feel there is no fix recipe, it’s all about how you develop the taste and we must always experiment with that.


I welcome your feedback/request/question because that will help me to grow in better way. Also I am open to collaboration, so you can share information with me about that too.

Please write to me : nishasharma.mca@gmail.com


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @cravings4vegan

To me there is no limit of learning and I am still learning and happy that I am better than yesterday.

Keep cooking and showering your love on me, that helps me to keep me going.