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Why we must eat healthy & take our healthy eating & other health related habits seriously?

Healthy eating provides all necessary nutrients to our body that are required in order to create new cells, clean toxins from our body, and to function perfectly every day. So, start developing good eating habits in kids too.

Also healthy food can be tasty too and I always find that more appealing because I know I m eating for my body not for the sake of eating what others love to eat.

“Healthy eating” behaviour benefits our physical, mental, and emotional health as well. These habits improve our overall well-being & make us feel happy. Makes less chances of serious diseases.

We all grown up hearing “Health is wealth”, which is so true because even if a day we suffer from normal cold-cough or fever we feel drained out. We can’t concentrate on anything. So, imagine how life could be if unfortunately any serious health issue comes just because of eating wrong things??

Is it tough to change your lifestyle??

To be frank yes it is. If you are thinking to change everything overnight then it’s not right way. Take little steps, be patient, make a change everyday to make rest of life better and healthy. Moderate your lifestyle, make healthy habits a practice not a force.

It needs strong will power to adapt a complete change and trust me that’s all worth. Because it affects your mood, health, behaviour, mental health, energy level in a good way.

What we should do for healthy life style?

  • Include homemade food more in your diet instead of market bought junk food. Start loving cooking
  • Eat organic food because if even you eating healthy food in wrong way then also it’s not at all beneficial to your body.
  • Don’t eat processed or frozen food(once in a while if u don’t have fresh then it’s okay).
  • Drink more water, include salads in food.
  • Try not to take extra sugar. Include natural sweet ingredients in your food.
  • Check nutrients info before you buy anything.
  • Eat crunchy food because these bites keep your mouth busy longer than food you slurp. “The more you chew, the slower you eat & the more time your body feels full”
  • Don’t skip your meals. Don’t leave yourself hungry, eat in intervals.
  • Don’t overeat, because it’s your food and your body. Don’t waste or ruin any of them.
  • Eat with peace, enjoy your food. Don’t eat while doing anything because then we overeat.
  • Don’t worry about diet. Just eat healthy, on time and in proper portion.

Love your veggies, fruits. Trust me A vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is a blessing. It makes you more sensible towards the nature, animals and for own body too.

Please share your views/thoughts about the topic, I would love to hear !

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